Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Crisis in Gaza:Hackers declare 'cyber war' on Israel after IDF threatens to cut off internet in Gaza

Its Cyber War in Isreal. Hackers' collective Anonymous claims it has declared 'cyber war' against Israel in retaliation for threats to block Palestinians' internet access.

As the Israel Defence Forces began airstrikes against targets in the territory, the hacktivist group  tried to cripple Israeli sites and government networks.

The move came as Israel admitted the war is being fought on 'three fronts' - including physical, social networks and cyber attacks - and triggered calls for a 'cyberdome' protective shield to mirror the 'Iron dome' missile defence system.

Israel's finance minister Yuval Steinitz admitted last night that the group - along with other protesters - bombarded Israeli sites with more than 60 million hacking attempts.

However, he said most of the attacks failed and that the only site that was successfully brought down was up again within minutes.