Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Facebook Enables HTTPS for North America By Default

January 2011, Facebook announced it was implementing HTTPS to allow its many millions of users the ability to automatically encrypt their communications with the social network; preventing hackers and attackers from sniffing your sensitive data while using unencrypted WIFI hotspots.

Facebook Enables HTTPS for North America By Default.
The move is meant to provide secure browsing for part of the social network's user base, which as of September is counted by the company to be more than a billion. The rollout began last week, and Facebook stated there are plans to make HTTPS default for the rest of the world as well. No specific date was given as to when that would be.

Although in April of last year, Sophos wrote an open letter to Facebook to requesting the site enable HTTPS by default as part of a list of security recommendations.

However, users can be sure their data's are safe while browsing on a secured web while we await the Facebook automated HTTPS roll-out, hope you have yours secured?.

On your Facebook page, navigate to Account Settings > Security > Secured browsing > Edit > Enable.