Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fela Durotoye signs 10,000 Books in 8 hours 49mins; Pre Event - GERMSTONE GLOBAL READING FESTIVAL

The "17 secrets of High Flying Students" is an inspirational book that shares 17 Leadership Secrets and Principles that guarantee Leadership and Academic Excellence. The book us a treasure chest of Leadership Secrets presented in captivating life-changing stories along with nuggets and principles that have the capacity to transform average students an outright failures into high flying students and highly successful individuals. The book has been proven to be a viable leadership tool which has helped students to achieve academic excellence.

The major highlights of the festival is to read the book, "17 Secrets of High Flying Students", written by Fela Durotoye. This book has been chosen as a tool to promote literacy and the reading culture in Nigeria because it shares the 17 Secrets and Principles of Academic and Natural Excellence. It has been proven to aid students all over the country to improve their performance in academics and leadership. This book will be read by every participant of the festival (young & old). This would involve schools, homes, and the entire community across the nation. Every adult (parent, teacher, celebrity, etc) will be expected to read to a child or group of students.

Event Date: Saturday November 24, 2012.
Reading Centres: 17 cities in Nigeria and 17 countries across the world at the same moment in time (via live streaming). Click HERE.

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