Sunday, November 25, 2012

Miss Universe 2012: Isabella Ayuk reps NIGERIA

Isabella Ayuk the Miss Nigeria 2012 represents at this year's edition of Miss Universe 2012 at he Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, USA.
The event will  hold on Wednesday 19th December 2012


Name: Isabella Agbor Ojong Ayuk
Age: 26
Home Town: Cross River
Isabella was raised in Ikom Local Government Area of the Cross River State. It is a largely agricultural area. Being raised by a widowed mother, Isabella has a passion for working with widows. She would love to work to create a small scale business to help raise money for scholarships for their children, home renovations and other basic needs.

In her Own Words
I want the judges to know that determination brought me this far and that I have learned to never give up in life.

Fun Facts about Isabella
She loves to cook
Isabella admires Angelina Jolie for her humanitarian services
Isabella is currently in the National Youth Service Corp in Nigeria

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