Thursday, December 20, 2012

Beware ladies, do you know your skin so well?


Natasha Henshaw, the mother of one visited a beautician to fix eyebrows but ended up loosing are eyebrows for life. Below was what she said.

"I went in to get beautiful and I came out looking like a beast. It's horrible. My doctor told me I could have gone blind had it been left on for much longer.

I have been in agony with them, they are so itchy. I just want to scratch them off. At first they were just weeping and very gungy, and that was dripping down into my eyes. I have been in a lot of pain".

Natasha had the £10 tint and wax at the Boudoir salon, near her home in Dingle two weeks ago. The beautician waxed her eyebrows before applying a tint to make them darker, but did not use a trial patch beforehand to test for an allergic reaction.

Is your skin allergic to some beauty makeup items?. Ladies, be careful o...

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