Monday, December 31, 2012

Did you shop for Gadgets this holiday?

Hi guys! The holiday is almost over. Did you shop for any gadget this season?. If you did, i am sure you got at least one for yourself and probably as a gift to someone. I mean Gadgets like Blackberry phones, Samsung Galaxy S III, iPhone 5 and the New iPad.

Although the prediction towards year 2013 shows that Smartphones and tablets will exceed the use of Laptop /Desktop PC's. if you missed the post click HERE. But i'm still pondering if we are really maximizing the usage of this devices.

In other words, i need your inputs and replies to this question. Do people purchase this gadgets/devices because of its functionality or the trend?..... like, i want to use expensive phones too or because they are the latest in town *thinking*.

Kindly drop your comments below. Thanks!


  1. Nice one bro. for me, 75% of those using those gadgets don't maximize the functionality. Instead, Na show-off especially naija Mtcheww.

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