Saturday, January 26, 2013

Get your passwords stored in a USB Key

I'm sure most people often forget their passwords, either to your gadgets, email, social media accounts, etcetera. I think the worries of forgetting your passwords is about to end!.

Here is the solution...
The Yubikey
It's possible to forget your passwords due to the fact that you sign up for more accounts either related to work,school and so on.

However, Google is set to help fix this problem and currently experimenting with new ways to replace the password, including a tiny Yubico cryptographic card that; when slid into a USB (Universal Serial Bus) reader, it can automatically log you on to your web accounts.

How it Works

The tiny key can be used in any machine with a USB drive, and acts as a physical 'key' to unlock the user's account.
It can automatically log users in to all of their accounts, and even into their favourite websites, without ever asking for a password.

Stay tuned here for further updates.