Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Music: Tosyn Buknor (Con.Tra.Diction) - Pop Rock Soul and Jara album

Tosin Buknor otherwise known as Con.Tra.Diction released the Pop Rock Soul and Jara album in December 2012. I found the Album soulful and good to share.

The Album featured A- list Artist and producers. View Album cover above.

She wrote:
"Wrote my first song like ten fifteen years ago. Recorded a song for the first time with Cobhams but then became scared shy and unsure of my voice, my singing and my style so i became quiet. But music wouldn't let go and over the years, still unsure, i have worked on songs with various producers, artistes, photographers and more. Pop Rock Soul and Jara. That is me experimenting, having fun, and obeying the voice. Here's me hoping you enjoy"

Listen and Enjoy!.


Sorry Song ft. Rooftop Mc's