Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Real-time Animation: A Motion Capture Animation Studio arrives West - Africa

A media and infotech company who had staged series of concert in the past year 2012 with her High Tech equipment, i hope High Impact concerts is what you have in mind. Solution Media and InfoTech Limited. (SMIL) is  set to introduce a motion Capture Animation Studio on our very own soil, the first of its kind in West Africa.

According to SMIL, this technology has been used by different Companies across the world, known for their visual effects, compositing and motion capture e.g; Digital Domain in Canada, took part in the making of these movies TRANSFORMERS, AVATAR and THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, Pixar in America took part in the making of the movie TOY STORY.

This is a commendable step of which the company also have other platforms to be launched. Such as
3D Animation, Motion Capture, Digital Composition, animated Three-dimensional Drama series, which will display our traditional and cultural background and values in our local dialects, thus adding beauty to dance and drama displays like ATILOGU, BATA DANCERS and many more!!!

We look forward to the implementation of this solutions from SMIL.

I like!. *winks*