Monday, February 4, 2013

Beyonce at the Super Bowl 2013, NFL

Yesterday, The Baltimore Ravens had victory over the San Francisco 49ers at  the Super Bowl 2013 in New Orleans with total score line  34-31.

There where also rendition of  'America the Beautiful' sung by children of Sandy Hook Elementary, the national anthem by Alicia Keys and a great half-time performance from Beyonce and guess what? a reunion performance with the Destiny's Child.

Watch beyonce's performance below...

Marvin Sapp also posted on Facebook:
‎@Beyonce is an exceptional entertainer and the halftime show was one of the best from my professional opinion as an artist... Christians can say who is and who isn't talented... It's not a sin.. Not judging just fruit inspector LOLOL #calmdowny'all

More photos when you continue...