Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bill Gate's not satisfied with Microsoft innovations

In an interview with CBS this morning, the Microsoft chairman expressed that he and Balmer  are not satisfied with the Microsoft's. Innovation. Bill gates stepped away years ago from is daily activities at Microsoft which is being currently headed by the CEO - Steven Balmer.

Currently the Microsoft's surface tablets loaded with the Windows 8 OS is thrilling the market and users which is also a treat to the Android and Apple tablets.

In his interview with Charlie Rose of CBS this morning he said:
Bill Gates - "Well, he and I are two of the most self-critical people -- you can imagine," Gates said during the interview 

And here were a lot of amazing things that Steve's leadership got done with the company in the last year. Windows 8 is key to the future. The Surface computer. Bing, people are seeing as a better search product. Xbox.

Bill Gates -  "But is -- is it enough?" he said. "No, he and I are not satisfied that in terms of, you know, breakthrough things, that we're doing everything possible." 

"There's a lot of things like cell phones where we didn't get out in the lead very early....We didn't miss cell phones, but the way we went about it didn't allow us to get the leadership. So it's clearly a mistake."
The primary focus of the interview was the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation, the philanthropy to which Gates has dedicated most of his attention since stepping away from Microsoft in 2008.


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