Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Marvin Sapp on Beyonce Knowles half-time performance at the Super Bowl 2013

Marvin Sapp commented about Beyonce Knowles exceptional performance of the halftime at Super Bowl XLVII, 2013. If you missed the post check here.

Pastor Marvin Louis Sapp  is an American Gospel music singer-songwriter and also the Founder and Senior pastor of Lighthouse Full Life Center Church, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The award winning Gospel Artist posted more on is comment about the R&B artist, Beyonce.

Read what he wrote on his Facebook page when you continue...

Marvin's Motivational Moment: "After reading the posts of many yesterday evening" Let me say that I love you all and appreciate many of your positions :-)) But keeping it 100 Beyonce is a talented and gifted entertainer if she is half naked or fully clothed LMBO. She is a gifted singer (a blind man could hear that) and the staging was amazing (A deaf person could see that). I don't know her personally nor what she believes but I can appreciate talent. Many feel that I shouldn't have an opinion about it because of my christian beliefs. What she believes doesn't change my convictions or resolve. I preach and sing the gospel. Even after last night I'm still doing it tonight in Baton Rouge LA at Saintsville COGIC at 7pm (shameless plug) LOL. I understand that gifts and calling come without repentance, So I can acknowledge the gifted in and out the church because it doesn't take away from me nor does it endorse the individual either. Its called a "complement" plain and simple :-)))))) Have a blessed evening and may the rest of your days be the best of your days.........

Well he appreciates that Beyonce is a gifted singer and entertainer from his view as a musician. I guess he hasn't done anything wrong. Right? 

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