Monday, March 18, 2013

Stella Damasus - "Love can bring out the best in you"

Stella Damasus

The Nollywood actress who recently released the video of her 'Love me Quick' track. Listen Here. speaks about Love. Read below the interview held with the actress by Africa Magic.

Actress Stella Damasus says if you love someone whole heartedly then you are guaranteed to get the best out of them. 

This is what she had to say about love. “My principle is very simple. I believe that true love for someone is not a feeling that you can control. Often times people love something or someone they cannot even have. If it was clearly within their control, I am sure they would choose not to love the untouchable or unreachable.”

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What would you say love is?

Love is a feeling that comes on you and it just grows. If you love someone for a reason it means that you will stop loving that person when the reason expires or vanishes. For example, if you love a guy because he has six-pack abs, what will happen when all the packs fuse together to become "one big pack?" If you marry because of money, looks, job security, etc...what will happen when all those things are no longer there?

What is the one thing that someone can do that affirms their love for you in their life?

Get to know me and love me for who I am and not what the world says I am. If you can do this successfully, everything else will fall in place.

What do you do to show love to the various people in your life?

I interact with different people every day and I have been privileged to work with people of different social classes.

Stella adds that she also spreads the love through her foundation the Stella Damasus Arts Foundation which makes donations of cash, food, medicine, clothes and items needed for the upkeep of the less privileged.