Friday, March 22, 2013

The Future of Passwords

The Future of Passwords

Its of high importance to keep your passwords secret and confidential which is to protect your data from prying eyes , either human or robotic. Its also of no doubt that virtually everything we use in today's world has a level of protection which is with the use of passwords.

Your phones, Laptops, electronic mail accounts and the likes. But there's one thing about the Future of Passwords, and that is to keep it more secured and being stored.
Google is known for working on some tech gadgets and innovation, one of which is the USB key or the Yubico's Yubi Key which can store all your passwords. Read more here.

At the moment there are several solutions to the future of the password. Such as -

1. Yubico's Yubi Key
2. Windows 8 Picture password protection with
3. Apple's Authentec (Biometrics Company) - Finger print sensor
4. PIPA Touch by PIPA
5. HEARTID by BIONYM - Electrocardiogram
6. Eye Vein Biometrics by EyeVerify (Using eyeball)

Watch a video by CNET below.

Is your eyeball the future of passwords?. Which will best protect and store your password.

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