Friday, March 8, 2013

Violence against Women act, ‘Women Deserve To Live Free From Fear’

Happy International women's day.  Violence Against Women [VAW] was a  music project implemented by DLI Tuesday Nig. Ltd featuring Omwaunmi, M.I, Waje and Eldee. This was their voluntary service to the hbs workshop. Listen Here 

President Obama signed the Violence Against Women Act today.

President Obama’s speech:

    “It changed our culture. It empowered people to start speaking out. It made it okay for us, as a society, to talk about domestic abuse. It made it possible for us, as a country, to address the problem in a real and meaningful way. And it made clear to victims that they were not alone—that they always had a place to go and they always had people on their side.”

The House recently approved it and all that was needed was the president’s signature of which President Obama signed today in America, proclaiming “a day of advocates” and “a day of the survivors.”

Respect and protect our women o!.

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