Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Microsoft Nigeria presents 9jApps - The Challenge

Wonder Why that app you need doesn't exist yet? probably because you haven't told the right people. Share the idea for a chance to see it BUILT.

Microsoft Nigeria is currently running a contest known as 9jaApps - An app development contest for Windows 8 and Windows Phone applications. This contest requires developers in the country to develop an Application for either the Windows 8 platform or the Windows 8 Phone device which will be available in the Windows store of which will reach over 790 Million devices.
9jApps contest would empower the next generation of Nigerian developers (students, entrepreneurs, and independent developers), by helping them drive innovation and grow the local software economy.
You can also submit your ideas Here if the App you need doesn't exist yet as a User. As a developer, and have successfully built an App; submit Here
Note: all apps must be in the respective stores (Windows 8 or Windows Phone) by 14 June 2013 at 23:59:59 GMT

See  list of  Prizes to be Won when you continue reading...

Windows 8 Apps category
Grand Prize: 2012/2013 KIA Rio automobile
Second Prize: NGN 750,000
Third Prize: A Windows Phone 8 device (x5)

Windows phone category
Grand Prize: NGN750,000
Second Prize: NGN500,000
Third Prize: A Windows Phone 8 device (x5)

Vist: http://www.9japps.info