Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nigerian Idol Season 3 (Top 2) - Watch their perfomance and Banky's

Nigerian Idol Seaason 3 - Top 2 contestants

The Nigerian Idol Season 3 show has definitely reached the stage where we get to know the talented one who will cart away the goodies. This guys are undoubtedly good coming thus far.

I'm impressed with their performance at this stage has they sang their favorite songs i.e which they best performed since joining the competition. Also a Reggae and pop performance plus a duet in this episode.

Well, Banky W was the guest artiste of this episode and watch him perform the Yes/No track. I think his stage performance to this song is an exception.

Watch the videos after when you continue...

Moses 518 (Top 2 Gala Show: Reggae Performance)

Debie Rise 510 (Top 2 Gala Show: Pop Performance)

Banky W's - Yes/No Performance 

Visit here for all the performances

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