Thursday, May 23, 2013

Esha Khare of Saratoga,18-year-old invents a device to charge a cell phone within just 20 SECONDS

tiny energy-storage device

A teenager Esha Khare, an 18-year-old invents a device to charge a cell phone within just 20 Seconds. When asked what inspired her to work on the energy-storage technology,  she said toBC News 'My cellphone battery always dies'.

The  device is a super-capacitor, flexible and tiny, and is able to handle 10,000 recharge cycles, more than normal batteries by a factor of 10. Is this this the end of waiting for hours waiting for phone batteries to get charged?

Report shows that the teen has attracted the attention of tech giants Google for her potentially revolutionary invention and have been in contact with Khare to explore how she plans to change the makeup of cell phone battery life.

This device won her $50,000 from the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, which took place in Phoenix this week as Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award of $50,000 for the invention of a tiny energy-storage device.