Friday, July 19, 2013

‘MANDELA: Long Walk to Freedom [Movie Trailer]

Movie trailer - Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom was unveiled on the evening of Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday which was yesterday. The theatrical trailer to Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom offers us an exciting sneak peek of what to expect when Idris Elba models the life of a South African hero.

Even if you know the story, you shouldn’t miss out on seeing the ever-so-dapper Idris live out the role of such a world-renowned leader.

Chronicling Madiba’s coming of age, including the 27 years he spent incarcerated, Long Walk to Freedom brings to life the legend behind the man who worked to dismantle the heritage of apartheid, in a nation suffering at the hands of institutionalized racism, poverty and inequality.

This Movie will be viewable in theaters this fall, on November 29th.