Monday, August 19, 2013

Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 11| A developer preview for Windows 7

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 Developer Preview

In recent times, browser users seem to have turned away from using the Microsoft Internet explorer due to its slowness and sudden crashes, preferring browsers like the Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome.... etcetera.

Although Microsoft always work on fixes to continually make IE relevant and satisfy its users.  The Internet Explorer 11 is making its way to Windows 7 gradually since Microsoft's latest browser release to Windows 8.1. Its claimed to be significantly faster than Chrome, Firefox and Opera with also support for WebGL and advanced HTML5 video feature.

Only, the developer preview version for Win 7 has hit the web. You can download Internet Explorer 11 Developer Preview in the language that matches your version of Windows or choose the English version, which works with all versions of Windows 7 HERE

Internet Explorer 11 must be  the best version since its few errors in the past. Watch the Video preview below.